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Bass begins. @listenearth (at The Office Recording)

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Too many years spent taking up precious floor space with mic stands like a sucker #hangemup (at The Office Recording)

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Business As Usual, July 2014: FUN HOME

Pittsburgh’s own Fun Home stopped by The Office between shows on tour with Wish List and Infinity Crush last month, playing a few songs from their EP Knit Into Place, out now on Broken World Media.

Fun Home is: Rose Savage, Sara Savage, Ben Gardner & Dan Hagendorf

Engineered/mixed/mastered by Mike Moschetto at the Office (N. Andover, MA)
Shot by Aviv Marotz & Mike Silvano
Edited by Aviv Marotz


@milesawayhc Recording Day Day 14: Gettin’ Artsy. #ticklingivories

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As you may have heard, our van is currently out of commission. Coincidentally, today is the one year anniversary of the completion of our album “A Simple Life, A Quiet Mind” so we would like to share this re-recorded version of the song “Unhallowing” as a pay-what-you-want download. Thanks so much to all of the people who have supported us thus far.

Help us pls

I love this song and I was happy to be able to re-record it. Help my friends!

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Derek Archambault: New EP for Hip Replacement


I know I must have some followers on here who are Defeater fans:

In case you weren’t aware, Derek has been sidelined for several months now by a deteriorating hip that’s forced the band to curtail all touring until he undergoes surgery. Unfortunately, both insurance and workman’s comp have declined to cover the high cost of the operation…so it’s down to a crowdfunding project to defray the costs. As an incentive, we got together in my studio and collaborated on an Alcoa “covers” EP (featuring songs from I Am The Avalanche, Blacklisted and more), plus an alternate live version of Defeater’s “I Don’t Mind.” The digital version can be had for a $5 pledge, and a limited handmade CD is available at $20.

Please consider giving what you can if Defeater or Alcoa have brought you any joy and you’d like to see ‘em back on the road. We’re all well-aware of the Kickstarter stigma, but punk cred be damned. Derek is an extremely kind and genuine person who’s too talented and too passionate to stay dormant for long.

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"This is what you learned.", by People Like You



Hey everyone. Here is our debut album, “This is what you learned.” Sorry it took us so long. We just wanted to make sure it sounded right. We’re super proud of this record and want to give a huge thank you/shoutout to Mike Moschetto, who was the mastermind behind making it sound incredible. Because we took so long, the album will be a “Pay what you want” type download for the entire day. Tomorrow it will cost money, so download it now while it’s still free! 

Also, we’re going on a little tour in July. Below are the tour dates. We still need help with two dates, either in Brooklyn, Baltimore, or wherever in the Northeast. Hopefully we’ll see you all there!

Tour Dates

July 12 – Bloomfield, CT @ Bloomfield Village Pizza

July 13th – TBA

July 14th – TBA

July 15th – Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House

July 16th – Hempstead, NY @ Hofstra University

July 17th – Montclair, NJ @ The Batcave

July 18th – Boston, MA@ The Democracy Center


This is out and I’m super proud! I love tracking live.

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YESSSS so excited that these finally came in. Still really proud of the work we did on this record. #NativeWildlife #Blackwood (at The Office Recording)

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Recording drums for our new EP today with mikemoschetto

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Hey, it’s Chris Lee. So as some of you may heard, Nick, Sander, our friend Matt and I have been writing music for the past six months under the new name, People Like You. When Dylan told us he was moving back home to Seattle, I didn’t want to continue I Kill Giants without him. He is an integral part of the band and half of our voice. However, I was still writing songs and moving in a different direction than what we were doing with I Kill Giants, so I decided to start this new project and try something new. And here we are.

Later this week, we’re going to release a full-length, 13-song album called, “This is what you learned.” (Track list below). We’re also booking a short, one-week tour in the Northeast in July. Dates for that tour will be released later in the week as well. Our first show is on July 2nd in Boston (venue TBA). Here is the second track on the record, called “Isaac.” Go like our new Facebook page if you want to keep updated with everything we’re doing.

“This is what you learned.”
People Like You

1. Kneeplay 1: “Do you know jazz?”

2. Isaac

3. A song about white supremacy

4. Kneeplay 2: “Lilac and Linwood.”

5. Everything Matters!

6. Kneeplay 3: “This apple is really depressed.”

7. The Act of Falling

8. Regret

9. Kneeplay 4: “Don’t date in your early twenties.”

10. The upstairs and downstairs don’t exist anymore.

11. Kneeplay 5: “Forever Left-Eye.”

12. Your Third Act

13. Kneeplay 6: “She didn’t even like jazz.”

Hot off the presses!

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Every arrogant man claims an answer to happiness, to sort through them all would take a lifetime. After all has been said, I’m still scared to be content. To be happy where I am feels like a passive death. I know nothing of what happens, and I’ve refused to accept that I will never figure it out. 

I am pathetic. I am a fallible vessel. I will become dust long before the answer is known. 

We are stuck inside of the waste left behind by our fathers. 

Don’t listen too closely—this pain stabs infrequently. I go through most days with fragile optimism, trying to stitch together the scraps of my perception. I only hope we might one day cast away our tiny origins and seek out the truth:

An idea that will heal the pain, words too beautiful to hold. My greatest sadness is I will never see it through. I must confront that we are alone, and that the lies forced upon our youth will never come.

Fun fact: john nailed the outro vocals in one take

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Now that tour is coming to an end, here is our new split with Deathdealer.! As always, it’s a pay-what-you-want download. Thanks everyone for all of the support.

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Having fun with Fun Home in my home (at The Office Recording)